Dialog, Facts, Listening & Conclusions
The candidates below never debated each other, which is really a shame. It should have started in 1992, but the elites dodged the bullet.   

Real dialog, as opposed to SoundByte evasions is necessary if we are to make informed decisions.  But while it would be interesting to see these folks take on a debate on real issues, one on one, what we can do with Interactive Television goes way beyond politics. 

It is your voice which matters most to you.  All of us want to be heard, find solutions to our problems, and build better lives for ourselves, our families, and the larger world.  Honest, open, effective communication is essential to peace and for real freedom.  

The people below may have posed at a podium, emoted, or found the podium denied to them, but out of that what did we learn about them?  Not much.  That has to change.   So much for politics.  The debate below would have been interesting, but politicians do not want you to really understand them. 

On to real solutions and your ability to bring them online.

If you have a cause, pause and think about the voice and dialog needed to accomplish your goal.  Here, or on your own show, you can be heard.  Below are people who use a system which perpetuates stagnation of ideas.  Instead, get Interactive!  Go to Causes and Campaigns to get your own show and show the world you listen and talk. 
Interactive Television & Your Voice
Less than polite exchanges have been ongoing for a long time now.  Are we any closer to the truth?  No.  The whole thing is, it seems to us, is a continuation of the recent election which was, itself, nothing but a series of sound bites.

No solutions to the problems Americans face today were provided by either party. 

People are beginning to notice, don't you think?  

Therefore, we, the People, need to dig into the facts, present evidence, and consider carefully what actions to take-- ourselves.

After all, it is years before there is another election so, we must consider how we can get solutions, despite government.  Not that we do not want to involve those who, for instance, ran for office last year.  We do.  

We want to know about the solutions they had, you know, the ones which  somehow those slipped through the sound-bite cracks.  And instead of just inviting the Big Two to participate we are asking Bernie, Jill, and Gary to also step up to the forum to stand and deliver REAL solutions.

Of course, it is true that none of them had real solutions last year.  But, we have another source for former candidate solutions and then the solutions from you, the American perplexed by what you heard last year who never had a chance to ask any questions of substance and make suggestions.   

Did you know there were 1, 386 people who filed to run for the Office of President of the United States, plus two Libertarians who refused to file because they claimed, correctly, the Constitution does not have authority to require them to do so with the Federal Election Commission.  

You can be part of the process of inviting them to run - again.  We will give you their contact information and you decide who you would like hear from in Tournament Play-Offs.  It could not hurt. 

Hypothetically, if Freedom TV Networks began an  All Presidential Candidates Debate Tournament on Labor Day 2017 to November 1, 2020 there would be 1,665 Debate Days to see if America Has Got Talent.  There would be 2,775 tournament debates down to the Final Four and Final Two.  That averages 1.6 debates per day as an opportunity before, during, and after, a half-hour of College Debate Rules for PhoneVoters to ask questions, make suggestions, offer their own solutions, and research each of solutions - and the candidates, their reactions, and (drum-roll) all of the things they evaded us knowing about them earlier.  

Of course, not all of them may want to do it again.  But they may.  And others have already tossed their hats in the ring, for instance, Dwayne Johnson and Tom Hanks.    

When all is said and done - which of them will have intelligent, provably working solutions, withstand the scrutiny of Americans, and strike a majority as the better choice?  

Now, go to   Problems and nominate the one which you want solved.  

Hillary Clinton
Faced off with only 4 Democratic Front-runners, of many.  

Donald Trump
defeated 16 GOP candidates in

Bernie Sanders
Independent, running as a Democrat, on all 50 state ballots.

Jill Stein
Green Candidate, on the ballot in 38 states, sued the private DNC-RNC Debate Commission to participate.

Gary Johnson
Libertarian on the ballot in all 50 States.  Sued the private DNC-RNCProblems Debate Commission to particilate. Debated 5 Libertarians.

Rocky de la Fuente​​
came in 2nd or 3rd in 28 Democratic Party Primaries
​Hillary never debated Rocky.