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First, about the 1992 Presidential Election.

There was a shocking upset, especially to folks like Karl Rove and his clients.

​We are gonna tell you how it happened and how to use its power for change today.  

The 1992 election took out then sitting  President, George H. W. Bush because the Elites and Government were not ready for the impact people could have when they could be heard, paying for air time for candidates themselves. 

That was us, PhoneVoter, a project aimed at letting Americans register their opinions and talk back - and more. We also intended to provide a Presidential Debate Tournament for all of the candidates for all parties.  The League of Women Voters was onboard. 

PhoneVoter had four clients that year.  Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Jerry Brown and Bill Clinton.  Read more about what happened HERE.  Yep, you got it.  Clinton won because he used satellite and carefully evaded letting anyone know what he thought.  He just kept saying, "I feel your pain." 

The Republican and Democrat National Committes took immediate steps to stop what can be viewed as the beginning of a non-violent revolution, cut short by immediate action to remove the possibility of Presidential Debates controlled by the people, not the Demopublican Bi-partisan brand party.

The League of Women Voters worked hard to make the Debates fair for decades.  Brock d'Avignon's idea for a Presidential Debate Tournament to include ALL candidates with one-on-one debates went along with their own goals.  In 1992 there were 64 presidential candidate running. We called it Liberty Rings and invited them all to our coast-to-coast satellite television distribution from four transponders.  

This time, all the present interactive edge technologies will be used and we will not be stopped.  Millions of 'thin cats,' can out-maneuver a few 'fat-cats.'  The technological tools are there.  We invite you to use them.   

We want you to have a voice because, after years of experience, we know the best governance is what we decide directly, locally to internationally.

All of us can be heard.  We call this freedom and Human Investments (HI). This approach ensures all of us have economic security because the financial 'tools,' for instance loans, take into account risk and the variables in our lives which, today, routinely cause the failure of a full 24% of all installment loans.  Paye loans, ramping up now, are flexible so if you lose yout job, have health issues, or suffer a decrease in income for other reasons, you pay less.  What you have promised to pay is a percentage of your income.  This could be ZERO.  Additionally, the loan is insured to protect you and whoever is making the money available. 

And this is just one issue.  Health Care is another and we have a solution which cuts costs and puts you in control of your health.  These solutions  will be aired on Freedom TV Networks so you can ask questions, tell us what you think, and add your own solutions.  

The Debates, interaction, and installation of real solutions starts here.  Forget the gripes and sound bites.  

If you have a cause consider becoming a producer.  We walk you through the process. There are many problems to be solved and solving problems happens when people really communicate.  Do you have a cause about which you are passionate? 

Visit Causes and Campaigns to learn about starting your own show.

Oh.  And you should know that Interactive TV allows your listeners to express their opinion by donating right there on line. 

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